Prayer for the Lost

Prayer for a Lost Individual

(Based on Praying Effectively For the Lost, Chapter 4, by Pastor Lee Thomas)

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day and for the opportunity to pray for lost souls. You are holy, sovereign and eternal. All creation bows down in praise to You, O Lord. By Your mercy and grace, You govern life, and have made the way of salvation through Your Son, Jesus, above all earthly, material things.

Lord, please now sanctify ____________ . Let it be according to Your Word that ____________ come to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth. Please now liberally bless ____________ . Let it be according to Your Word that it is always Your goodness through which individuals like ____________ come to repentance.

Father, please send the Holy spirit to convict ____________ . Let it be according to Your Word that only through the Holy Spirit’s power to convict and authority over every situation that ____________ can be saved.

Lord, please illuminate ____________’s heart and mind to the truth of the glorious gospel of Christ. Let not ____________’s spirit man remain blinded by spiritual darkness. Let not the spiritual pollution of ____________’s environment interfere, in any way. Please let ____________ be saved for Your glory and his/her highest good. Please, Heavenly Father, keep my own mind and motives pure, so that You may bless this holy endeavor.

Lord, please do whatever it takes to facilitate ____________’s salvation. Only You, dear Father, can orchestrate all life events so as to bring about repentance. Please send forth laborers into the workplace and home of ____________ . Through the power of the Holy Spirit, please properly equip these laborers with the essential qualities that will make them effective witnesses to ____________ . Please fill Your workers with Your Spirit, power, boldness, wisdom, zeal, compassion and divine insight.

Father, knowing that Your Word is necessary to convict, free and save ____________, and knowing that satan hates Your Word, please bind the demonic powers that control ____________’s mind. I/we ask in Jesus Name that You cast out the forces of darkness that continuously, viciously assault ____________, and dissolve all hindering distractions, fortifications and substitutions. I/we ask in Jesus Name that You silence all satanic lies and stop all the attempts of the enemy to steal away Your Word before it can be understood. Let ____________’s mind be captive to Christ and let Your holy thoughts replace any and all unwholesome ideas or destructive imaginations.

Father, bless the people who can now share Your Word with ____________ . Let Your Word be highly esteemed and honored, so that it will bring You glory, honor and praise. Let Your Word be multiplied and prevail in all situations, accomplishing what most pleases You. Hence, I/we ask in Jesus Name that You quicken the Word in the heart of ____________ Let not another moment pass ____________ by without this great awakening to Your Holy Truth.

In Jesus Name I/we pray. Amen.

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