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Welcome to The Shekinah House of Prayer and Faith Community Church Prayer Page!

 The Lord, after clearing out the Temple, said, “My house would be called  a house of prayer to all nations”. We at the Shekinah House of Prayer and Faith Community Church believe that means first and foremost a house of prayer. This page is where we want you to bring your prayer requests and also to come and pray for other prayer requests. You will notice the picture of Jesus walking on the water. This picture is to remind us that sometimes it takes more than prayer for requests to be moved on by God. It takes crying out to God. The scriptures tell us that when Peter was sinking he cried out to Jesus,”Lord save me” and that is when Jesus rescued him. As you come to this page trust the Holy Spirit to tell you which direction you’re to take praying or crying out, or both. If you’re new to crying out use Psalm 3 as an aide.

Remember prayer is where it all starts. Come here often. People need your prayers and you will need theirs.

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Love Always And Forever In Christ

Pastor Raleigh Adams

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  1. Raleigh on September 26th, 2016

    Need healing prayers for a little boy who broke his leg. It was placed and put in a cast till Tuesday September 27 when they will check to see if it is still in place and can avoid surgery. Update!!!! The little boy is still having trouble. It has been a long and painful process. Continue to pray for him. January 27,2017 UPDATE The little boy is doing great. Still has some pain but is adjusting well. He is only 10.

  2. Raleigh on September 26th, 2016

    Need prayer for a young man who is a drug addict. He is destroying his marriage and won’t seek help. Pray that God would deal with this and protect the wife and children. Update! Situation has gotten worse. Continue to pray for this man to be delivered and the family protected. January 27,2017. Newest Update: His wife has died and he is nowhere to be found. Please pray for his recovery. Pray for the 2 children. They are in a safe home now.

  3. Raleigh on December 2nd, 2017

    Need prayer for a Christian man named Mark. He has an infection in the bone of his toe and antibiotics have not worked. Amputation possible. Stand believing for a complete healing from the Lord. This is a tough one. Please pray long and hard on this one. Love In Christ Pastor Raleigh

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