Moses Tabernacle In The Wilderness
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to the Shekinah House Of Prayer

The Shekinah House Of Prayer

The purpose of this house of prayer is to provide a place where one can come into the presence of God and pray whatever the Lord puts on their heart. There will be times when the prayers will be focused on a specific theme (Healing, Salvation, Throne of God.). It is our desire that you will come to soak* in God’s presence, desiring to pray what is on God’s heart. This is accomplished with the assistance of music. When God’s songs and God’s prayers flow together great spiritual benefits are released on the earth. It is our desire to eventually be open 24 hours/7 days a week.

How to soak in God’s presence?

Position yourself away from the clamor of everyday life and seek God through quietness, listening, and waiting. Imagine yourself as a steak and God’s presence as the marinating sauce. The steak is so much improved when it’s marinated. After being soaked in sauce a few hours it becomes tender and juicy. That means to be in His presence with no thought of self, resting in His glory and letting Him marinate us. Marinating takes time, maybe weeks. You may have to soak for a long time before you’re really tender. God wants to marinate all of us. Through this process the Holy Spirit and His power will transform you. Remember God said if you would draw near to Him, He would draw near to you.

Are you ready to enter His presence?

The Shekinah House of Prayer is open at these times


Email or call for days and hours. We are transitioning the SHOP hours and days

Future expanded hours will be announced. The Shekinah House of Prayer is located at Faith Community Church 1480 Thunderbolt Dr. Peru, Indiana.

Support the SHOP

People ask how they can bless this ministry work. That can happen by  mailing your check or money order to the Shekinah House of Prayer or Faith Community Church please make payable to Faith Community Church/Shekinah House of Prayer. Mail to Faith Community Church P.O. Box 655 Peru, IN. 46970

The Shekinah House of Prayer operates on your gifts and donations. Thank you for your support.

We pray for 30, 60, 100 fold returns on all seed planted into this ministry.

Faith Community Church and the Shekinah House of Prayer is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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